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Well, well, well...  An interesting episode this was.

Straight confirmation of the E+R connection, and that E is a also a qualified outdoorswoman.  Pretty sure R didn't mention their involvement due to being a "guarded loner" type, where E is more of a passionate extrovert. 

With R's departure, L reluctantly moves up to my "dark horse" contender, heavy emphasis on "dark."  The failed project in the past potentially being the reason that this one succeeds feels, in L's case, like a red herring.  I can only see it working if the plan was to make a found-footage horror movie under the guise of a nature documentary, and that's laughable at best.  In third, but way behind the others.

Speaking of fish, I wonder if a salmon has found the knife that is at or near E30?  Attention Moon Summit salmon:  if you have seen a knife, please contact the rangers immediately!  Reward.

My top two suspects remain unchanged, and in the same order.  Both are (now confirmed) skilled in outdoor survival, both seem (to varied degrees) to be passionate (and potentially unstable), and both are likely to freak out in one way or another depending on if the ghost lynx makes an appearance.  Absence of the ghost means failure and humiliation instead of fortune and glory for C, and presence means threats to nature that E won't abide. 

My money is still on C, but honestly, something about this episode has me feeling like maybe the gap is more narrow.
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