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Welcome to the Hunt A Killer (HAK) forum.

Please register to access content in the forum (even if you have a subscription account you do need to register for the forum separately)

For those new to HAK here is some information you will need to know before joining the forum.

This forum is for those that have already signed up for HAK and have received their first or consecutive boxes (referred to as “episodes”). This forum is for Members, managed by Members. 

If you have not signed up to receive episodes here is what you need to know: 

If you have not applied yet, have not been approved yet, or have questions regarding the subscription service itself please refer to in the FAQ section located near the bottom of the Home Page. 

-What is Hunt A Killer? Hunt A Killer is an immersive story told through the investigation of physical items and correspondence delivered monthly to your doorstep. 

-How do I sign up? Membership starts with an application found here:

-How much is Membership? Memberships start at $25/month.

-How much is shipping? FREE domestic shipping. Ask for shipping rates for international members 

Email any HAK-related customer service to And there’s always live chat at We’re here to help:

Welcome fellow Detective's. Be sure to check out the How To participate section for useful tips on using the Forum.
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