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Hi All. 

Welcome to the HAK forum!

Before you log in and delve into the forum threads some great advice from one of the fabulous facebook moderators:

"You are spending your hard earned cash on an experience so take your time. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

The first thing I suggest you do is to act like there isn't a forum and immerse yourself in reading all that you get. When I got my first box the forums and even the facebook page hadn't really taken off. I found it fun and frustrating trying to decipher what I was sent. Remember everyone will see and make hypothesis based on their life experiences. 

After that hit the forum!!! 

Remember you do need to register for this forum, even if you already have a Hunt A Killer login.  

There are no silly questions and more than likely your question has been asked before numerous times! Google will become your best friend and you will find yourself doing something seemingly mundane when something will strike you that has to do with your box. Just a warning!!! 😜"

I couldn't have said it better! 

Happy Hunting,

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